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Premier League Donates £20m To NHS, £125m To EFL In The Face Of 30% Wage Cuts

Follows the video conference between all the 20 premier league clubs’ chief executive and Professional Footballers” Association ( PFA) some hours ago, it was announced that £125m grant will be released to clubs in EFL and National League and a £20m donation to the National Health Service (NHS) to support the battle against the covid-19. In addition, 30% player- pay deferral plan was also discussed.

The released statement read: “First and foremost, it was reaffirmed that the overriding priority is to aid the health and wellbeing of the nation and our communities, including players, coaches, managers, club staff and supporters.

It was acknowledged that the Premier League will not resume at the beginning of May — and that the 2019-20 season will only return when it is safe and appropriate to do so.”

“Beyond the commitment to discussing player salaries, the Premier League also agreed to help clubs in the lower reaches of the English pyramid system, including a decision to bring forward solidarity payments to the National League — England’s fifth tier — from August to this month”.

The statement went on: “Discussions also took place regarding financial relief for clubs in the short term and while there is no single solution, measures are to be put in place to immediately deal with the impact of falling cash flow”.

“Critically, the League unanimously voted to advance funds of £125m to the EFL and National League as it is aware of the severe difficulties clubs throughout the football pyramid are suffering at this time.”

“A meeting has been scheduled for Saturday in which the Premier League, players and club representatives will discuss the proposed cuts to salaries. The PFA also has been invited to attend”.

“Efforts to help boost the fight against the coronavirus have also been agreed upon, with the Premier League pledging to donate £20m to the front-line services and those in challenging circumstances during the crisis”.

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