Coe Says 2020 Athletics Season For August As Duplantis Raised 30,000 Swedish Krona In Auction

World Athletics president Sebastian Coe said he is still hoping that a late outdoor athletics season can be planned from August to October this year, he said on Friday.

“We know that different countries are at different stages of managing this pandemic so we are trying to give a structure to our athletes and member federations so they can begin to plan for the year ahead,”

“If it is at all possible, we will schedule a belated outdoor season from August to October to help our athletes to figure out where they stand after the disruption of this year.” Coe said in a World Athletics statement.

The competition bib Armand Duplantis wore when he set his first world record in the pole vault at the Copernicus Cup in Torun on 8 February has raised 30,000 Swedish krona at an online auction.

There were 144 bids for this piece of sporting memorabilia, including eleven bids in the last five minutes before the auction closed which added nearly 5000 Swedish krona to the winning bid. This roughly converts to just under 2800 euros and the proceeds will go towards helping those at the highest risk of contracting covid-19.

By discernsportblog

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