Don’t Crucify Me Yet: Suspended Former London Marathon Champion Fight Back

Kenya Daniel Kinyua Wanjiru, the former Amsterdam and London Marathon Champion who was suspended few days ago for Athletes Biological Passport (ABP) violation has pleaded not to be crucify yet.

In a statement released by his management company Volare Sports, Wanjiru protested his innocence, adding that he has always stood for a clean sport.

“This statement comes from the heart. I am clean in the sports I do. The ABP (athlete biological passport) finding is confusing and frustrating to me”.

“Specialists have informed me about how this can happen and I have come to realise there can be hundreds of reasons found why HB is fluctuating,” part of the statement read.

“I feel I am already seen as a sinner of doping, but I am not. I am innocent. It’s very painful what’s happening to me now. I’ve always believed that those athletes who are suspended because of a doping violation, were indeed guilty of what they did”.

“But I’ve realised that being charged with guilt is just easy and now proving to be unguilty is hard,” said Wanjiru.

“I stand for clean sports. My results of the past came through hard work only. I have never used doping. We are currently investigating the case. Knowing I have never used anything, I have faith everything will be all right,” Wanjiru said.

The AIU confirmed on Tuesday that a charge had been issued against Daniel Kinyua Wanjiru for the use of a prohibited substance.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist