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Isreali Soccer League To Resume

Today as Isreali mails, markets and gyms are opened to customers after two months of restriction, Israel’s soccer matches will not resume until May 30 with training returning next Sunday, according to an agreement signed yesterday between the Health Ministry and league officials.

But in a sign of lingering restrictions even as the virus appears to recede, fans will be banned from games and players’ movements (when not on the field of play) will be severely restricted.

According to the agreement, the country’s second-tier league will be renewed on June 1, two days after Israel’s Premier league.

All league players will be required to remain at home at all times except for training and matches throughout the season. If a team member or staff member is diagnosed with coronavirus, the entire team will enter a two-week quarantine.

It was not clear if opposing teams would also need to be quarantined.

Players will have their temperatures and oxygen levels checked before every training session and will be required to use their private vehicles to get to training sessions. Arrival to matches will be in buses with no more than 25 people.

Referees will not be required to stay at home between matches and will be able to continue their other activities.

The league may still be shut again if there is a fresh outbreak of the virus.

Isreal Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev hailed the decision as “big news for sports and soccer lovers.”

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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