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The Embattled Egyptian Rio Olympics Weight Lifting Coach Has Been Provincially Suspended

A dilemma of opinions spread over the Weight Lifting’s family concerning the case of the most successful Egyptian Weight Lifting coach whose his last coaching with Egyptian Weight Lifters ended in disaster; when the seven minor were ban for doping offence.

Korany has now been provincially suspended of which he may face life ban if found guilty.

There are many questions left on unanswered. First, why will a coach, international respected for his achievement want to throw away all his life achievement by indulging in doping the minor; except he has been doing that with a success in the past.

His alleged offence: Seven athletes in the team at an Egyptian Weightlifting Federation (EWF) training camp – coached by Korany – for the 2016 African Youth and Junior Championships tested positive for methandienone, two of them 14-year-old girls and five of them minors under the age of 18. 

In a report which was leaked on social media two weeks ago, an independent panel said it was “very concerned” that no action had been taken against any coach who worked with the seven athletes.

After a lengthy process, Egypt was banned from international competition for two years last September, and will not be able to send any weightlifters to the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Korany, who was head coach of Egypt and Saudi Arabia before starting his current role in charge of Tunisia’s national team, is currently stuck in Azerbaijan with four Tunisian athletes because of travel restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tunisians have already been in Baku for three months – two months longer than the planned training camp – and now they face a further stay with no access to their coach, as Korany is forbidden to work in the sport while provisionally suspended.

Korany said he did not wish to comment on the suspension, which has been announced by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) on its website.

“I have no words to say now… I will consult with my lawyer and offer to defend my position on this matter,” he said.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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