He’s Ignorant Of Doping Rule–AIU Reply Coleman

Can reigning 100m World Champion, Christian Coleman be two times luck with Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), time will tell as AIU reply his overt accusation.

The AIU, World Athletics’ anti-doping arm, responded in an e-mail to AFP in which they said “we will not comment on the specifics of an ongoing case” but wanted to make clear that “a phone call is discretionary and not a mandatory requirement.”

“Any advanced notice of Testing, in the form of a phone call or otherwise, provides an opportunity for Athletes to engage in tampering or evasion or other improper conduct which can limit the efficacy of Testing.”

Coleman has earlier accused the doping agency of “a purposeful attempt to get him to miss a test.”

“I was more than ready and available for testing and if I had received a phone call I could’ve taken the drug test and carried on with my night,” he said.

“I’ve been contacted by phone literally every other time I’ve been tested,” said Coleman.

The 24-year-old is now barred from competition pending a hearing under World Athletics anti-doping rules, the AIU website said.

The news came 12 days after another 2019 world champion Bahrain’s Salwa Eid Naser, winner of the women’s 400m was provisionally suspended for the same reason.

With the case of former World Athletics currently going on, this will be monster blow to the image of athletics, a sport trying to improve a reputation damaged by doping scandals, particularly in the sprints.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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