Poland The World Championship Medalist Ready To Take Olympics By Storm

The World and European Volleyball bronze medalist, Polish men Volleyball team feel the time is now right to get Olympics medal, according to their Belgian Coach.

Poland aims to win the men’s volleyball gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games, coach Vital Heynen said in an interview on Tuesday.

The Belgian coach has led his players to win the world championship and European championship bronze medals, but the podium at the Olympic Games remains his main task.

“I think the Olympic Games will be a real test for us. From the beginning of my work with the Polish national team, the goal was the Olympic Games medal,” said Heynen in an interview for the Polish site Sportowe Fakty.

“I have very positive feelings. We had three goals for that time: the first was to avoid injury, the second was to prepare players for the club season, and the third, perhaps the most important for us, was to get to know each other better and become a better team. And these goals have been achieved,” added the Belgian.

The world champions have since returned to training after the coronavirus break. “The break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was a tough time but my players have coped with it well,” concluded Heynen. 

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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