Summary Of European Weekend Meets As New Star Is Born In Sweden

The weekend meets across Europe produce a modesty performance but not in Molndal, Sweden where a new star emerged.

The Helsingborg born Swedish Youth Olympics Triple Jump Champion, Khadijatou ‘Khadid’ Victoria Sagnia, whose mum is from Gambia; surprised everybody to land a star performance in long jump with 6.81m (1.8) personal best on Thursday. Mari Klaup-McColl (est) 6.10 (1.8) came second.

In Praha (Czech Republic) on Friday 19.6.2020-Michal Broz won 300h in 37.08s to Adam Smolka 37.57s while in women 300mh Zuzana Hejnová recorded 40.37s. In short put, Marketa Cerenkova won 17.28m.

In Offenburg, German-19.6.2020- Javelin.-Men-1 Jonas Bonewit 69.11; 2 Markus Koch 68.51; 3 Remi Conroy (fra) 66.57m. Women–1 Christin Hussong 61.13; 2 Jana Maria Lowka 49.56

Vilniuua, Lithuania-18.6.2020-Discus- U20 (1,75 kg) (18) Mykolas Alekna 59.45m. Javelin- U18 (700 g) (17) Marius Rudzevičius 71.59

Potsdam, German, 19.6.2020-Discus- 1 Clemens Prüfer 61.78; 2 Henrik Janssen 61.05; 3 Henning Prüfer 60.44m. U20 (1,75 kg) Magnus Zimmermann 54.54m. Women Discus-Kristin Pudenz 64.92 (serie: 63.21; 64.92; 62.56; 64.56; 63.78; x). Javelin- Annika Marie Fuchs 53.50m, U23 Leonie Tröger 53.84m, U20 Lea Wipper 55.00

Warszawa, Poland-18.6.2020—Short Put——– 1 Konrad Bukowiecki 20.92; 2 Michał Haratyk 20.54; 3 Jakub Szyszkowski 19.21; 4 Sebastian Łukszo 18.88; 5 Jan Parol 18.84; 6 Andrzej Gudro 18.82; 7 Wojciech Marok (2001) 18.06

Keitele, Finland-18.6.2020-Short Put- 1 Senja Mäkitörmä 16.40; 2 Eveliina Rouvali 16.14

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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