US Steeplechase World Champion Trashed Colorado Mile Record As Norway’s Discus Record Fall

The 2017 World 3000m steeplechase champion Emma Coburn (USA)  broke the Colorado Mile record by clocking a 4:32 mile at Colorado Mesa University. The previous record of  4:36 was held by fellow University of Colorado athlete Dani Jones.

In the men’s race, the 4:01 state record didn’t go down as Morgan McDonald clocked 4:02.

Other latest athletics results across Europe-Rygg (Norway),(28)- Discus.-(1,5 kg) Steffen Melheim broke Norway u18 record with 65.79m throw.

Ancona (Italy), 28.-Men.-800m 1 Simone Barontini 1:50.32; 2 Victor Curcuianu 1:51.38. In high jump Gianmarco Tamberi jump 2.30 (three faults in 2.34)

Bottnaryd (Sweden), 27-Men – Short put-1 Wictor Petersson 19.91; 2 Viktor Gardenkrans 18.22; 3 John Kelly (irl) 18.03

Discus- – 1 Daniel Stahl 64.92; 2 Simon Pettersson 63.63; 3 Sven Martin Skagestad (nor) 60.68; 4 Axel Härstedt 58.51; 5 Jakob Gardenkrans 55.75

Piacenza (Italy), 28.-In Women 300mh –Italian Ayomide Folorunso produced a scintilating perfect race to land 40.58s personal best which was close to Italy national record of Manuela Gentili.

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