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A Son For Bernie Ecclestone, At 89

On Wednesday, the former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone innate thrust to be in the news for good reason as he became the father of a healthy boy, who was born to his wife Fabiana (46) in the hospital in Interlaken, Switzerland. The “Blick” reporter Roger Benoit reported first on Twitter.

The Briton did not lose his famous sense of humor when naming his fourth child. So far, Ecclestone has three daughters from two marriages. With his first partner Ivy he has daughter Deborah (65), with ex-wife Slavica the daughters Tamara (35) and Petra (31).

Ecclestone who was on the news last week when he told CNN that “in lots of cases, black people are more racist than what white people are”.

F1 quickly issue a statement that it “completely disagreed” with Ecclestone and that his comments “have no place in F1 or society”.

It added that Ecclestone’s former role of chairman emeritus, given to him in 2017, “expired in January 2020”.

Ecclestone was removed from his position as chief executive of F1 when US group Liberty Media bought the commercial rights to the sport in January 2017.

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