World Silver Medalist Chinese Lu Broke Javelin Asian Record

The World Javelin Silver Medalist and Asian Record Holder, Lu Huihui was in the best shape of her life as she broke her own Asian Record of 67.59m during the women’s javelin competition at the Beijing 2020 National Track and Field Association Training Base Chartered Tournament held on the 30th, June to improve to 67.61m. This is the third time she will be rewriting the Asian Record.

Four players from China National Athletics Team, Lu Huihui, Su Lingdan, Ge Lijuan, and Li Yutong, participated in the javelin competition. This performance is also Lu Huihui’s third outing of the season. Previously, she threw 64.21m and 64.34m in the meets held on April 24 and May 29, respectively.

Although threw foul in the first round, she then composed herself in time and threw a 66.97 mark in the second round to refresh her best season. In the third round, she made persistent efforts, surpassing the 67.17m best throw of the year by Belarusian Karadovich on February 20 with a mark of 67.61m.

In addition, in women’s javelin competition held on June 27, the runner-up of the Doha World Championship and Shandong athlete Liu Shiying threw a 66.14m and easily won the championship. This result currently ranked her third in the world this season.

By discernsportblog

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