Duplantis Shines Again As Finnish Makela Close To Record

In Göteborg, Sweden on Saturday 4, Armand Duplantis produced his best of the season when he vaulted 5.94m, Pål Haugen Lillefosse with 5.60m came second. Ben Broeders (bel) 5.50, Melker Svärd-Jakobsson 5.50, Piotr Lisek (pol) 5.35 respectively.

In the Long Jump Thobias Montler 8.13 (2.5) came first to win and Andreas Carlsson 7.81 (3.4) second and Andreas Otterling 7.57 (-0,9) was third and Tobias Carlryd 7.46 (4.8) came last.

In the women’s pole vault, Michaela Meijer was a clear winner in 4.60m. Sara Winberg valted 3.81m, but Angelica Bengtsson had three faults in 4.45 and Lisa Gunnarsson had three faults in 4.35.

Long Jump women was impressive. Khaddi Sagnia won with 6.64 (0.0) closely followed by Tilde Johansson 6.31 (1.3), Malin Marmbrandt 6.31 (0.3), Erica Jarder 6.28 (2.4), Kaiza Karlén 6.12 (2.1) and Emilia Hammarström 6.02 (2.8)

Koski, Finland on Saturday 4, gave a classical triple jump from Finnish Triple Jump Record Holder Kristiina Mäkelä as she produced her third life best jump of 14.15 (0.2) to win and Senni Salmimen 13.99 (1.8). In the men, Simo Lipsanen won with 16.12 (-0,2) and Topias Koukkula 15.55 (0.2).

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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