Reigning World Champion Gardiner Lowers Bahamas 300m Record In Alachua

The reigning 400m World Champion, Bahamas Steven Gardiner became a triple Bahamas record on Sunday 5, in Alachua, Florida meet when he stopped the clock at 31.83s in 300m. He now hold 200m, 300m and 400m Bahamas record.

The Gardiner time on Sunday as now displaced Noah Lyles from 22nd in all time 300m best time. He was followed by Asa Guevara (tto) 32.60 and Quantavious Poole 33.48s.

In the women, the American born Puerto Rico 100m hurdle record holder, Jasmine Camacho-Quinn surprised her self in an unfamiliar 300m to nail another Puerto Rico record in 36.12s while Jessica Beard returned 36.84s.

Full Result

300m h1 1 Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (pur) 36.12; 2 Jessica Beard 36.84; 3 Chris-Ann Gordon (jam) 37.65; 4 Gaby Scott (pur) 37.81; h2 1 Grace Claxton (pur) 38.00; 2 Tamari Davis 38.13; 3 Samantha Dirks (biz) 38.17

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