Another World Lead From Fraser And Forte But Blake Not Convincing

The double 100m Olympics Champion, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce shot to the world lead again after her sizzling 100 run last week. Yesterday Saturday 18, in Kingston capital of Jamaica; she took everyone to cleaner in 200m in a world leading time of 22.74s with 23.05s improved performance from Bahamas Strachan.

The IAAF World relay gold medalist and former long jump and triple jumper, Jamaica Julian Forte produced a world leading time in 100 in a total dominated race, returning in legal 10.03s.

In the female, the struggling World Champion, Elaine Thompson-Heral produced enough strength to win in 11.19 without any near challenge. The first race of the season for the youngest 100 World Champion ever, Jamaica Yohan Blake was not that smooth. He was troubled through out the race by Rasheed Dwyer to win on 20.62 to Dwyer 20.68.

Full Results

Kingston (Jamaica), 18.7.2020


100m h5 (0.3) 1 Julian Forte 10.03; 2 Nesta Carter 10.35; 3 Oshane Bailey 10.50; h4 (-0,3) 1 Romario Williams 10.33; 2 Nigel Ellis 10.47; h3 (-0,8) Antonio Watson 10.54

200m h3 (-0,8) 1 Yohan Blake 20.62; 2 Rasheed Dwyer 20.68; 3 Romario Williams 20.98; 4 Andel Miller 21.08; h2 (-0,9) 1 Michael Bentley 21.13; 2 Oshane Bailey 21.15; 3 Jaheel Hyde 21.17

400m h2 1 Rusheen McDonald 46.36; 2 Akani Slater 46.74; 3 Demar Murray 47.19

110mh (-0,4) Rasheed Broadwell 13.47

LJ Tajay Gayle 8.13 (-0,6)


100m h3 (-0,8) 1 Elaine Thompson-Herah 11.19; 2 Shashalee Forbes 11.49; h2 (-0,6) Srabani Nanda (ind) 11.78

200m h4 (-0,9) 1 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 22.74; 2 Anthonique Strachan (bah) 23.05; 3 Shashalee Forbes 23.39; 4 Shimayra Williams 24.12

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