Kristiina On Top Of Finnish Record As Gatis Continues His Impressive Form In Orimattila

In-form Finnish triple jump sensation, Kristiina Makela was just not lucky to go home with Finnish Hell Koivula-Krugger’s 14.39 triple jump record this afternoon in Orimattila Meet.

The 27 years old triple jump specialist was consoled with a new personal best of 14.30m legal jump.

Gatis Cakss continue his encouraging performances this season as he’s inching closer to Finish Javelin record by each competition. His efforts landed 83.45m.

Full Results;

Orimattila (Finland), 21.7.2020


Long Jump- 1 Roni Ollikainen 7.66 (2.6) and 7.61 (1.8); 2 Topias Koukkula 7.62 (1.7)

Javelin- 1 Gatis Cakss (lat) 83.45; 2 Lassi Etelätalo 78.99; 3 Jami Kinnunen 77.72; 4 Topias Laine 74.55


High Jump- Heta Tuuri 1.76

Triple Jump&1 Kristiina Mäkelä 14.33 (3.1) and 14.30 (0.5); 2 Emma Pullola 13.62 (1.6); 3 Janne Nielsen (den) 13.48 (1.3); 4 Kira KytoLá 13.02 (3.4)

Discus- Salla Sipponen 53.72

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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