Lawrence Okoye Win A Close Discus Tug of War In Germany

The British discus record holder, Lawrence Okoye chunk out another fine performance in Magdeburg yesterday despite a strong assault from Germany counterpart.

Okoye won by 65.15 throw to Clemens Prufer 63.22.

Results: Magdeburg (Germany), 22.7.2020


Discus- 1 Lawrence Okoye (gbr) 65.15; 2 Clemens Prüfer 63.22; 3 David Wrobel 63.15; 4 Torben Brandt 60.79; 5 Korbinian Hässler 58.27; 6 Henrik Janssen 56.62

Discus-u20 (1,75 Kg) Marek Kadereit 58.85


Discus-1 Antonia Kinzel 54.30; 2 Leia Braunagel 53.59

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