Ciara Mageean In Dazzling Form As She Broke Irish Record In Swiss

The European 1500 Indoor Bronze Medalist and Irish indoor record holder in miles and 1500, Ciara Mageean was in splendid form earlier today to become the first Irish woman to go under 2 minutes in 800m.

A seven year old Irish 800 record of 2.00.72 by Rose-Ann Galligan was taking to a cleaner by fresh Ciara, an Irish lioness from lockdown to stop the clock at 1.59.69 at Citius Championship in Bern, Switzerland.

The 28 years old Ciara now becomes triple Irish record holder; outdoor 800, 1500 and miles indoor.

Full Results:

800m 1 Ciara Mageean (irl) 1:59.69; 2 Hedda Hynne (nor) 2:00.72; Renelle Lamote (fra) 2:01.50; 4 Selina Büchel 2:01.79; 5 Lore Hoffmann 2:02.26; 6 Christina Hering (ger) 2:02.41; 7 Sina Sprecher 2:08.81; 8 Lieke Maria Wehrung (2003) 2:09.05; 9 Natalia Evangelidou (cyp) 2:09.61

100mh (-0,7) 1 Ditaji Kambundji

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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