Krista Hammers Finnish Record With Kangas’s World Leading Throw In Somero

On the day Somero field in Finland dedicated for hammer, it all produced a shocking quality hammer fireworks at it’s best.

The Finnish female record holder, Krista Katerina Tervo seized the opportunity to brush aside in-form hard throwing Silja Kosonen to break her own 70.18 Finnish record to a new 72.12 world lead.

Silja was in impressive in the second position to throw a life best of 71.34.

In the men, Aaron Kangas did not mince word to shot into the world lead with 77.82.

Somero (Finland), 25.7.2020–

Full Results-


Hammer- 1 Aaron Kangas 77.82; 2 Henri Liipola 74.92; 3 Markus Kokkonen 68.74; 4 Roope Auvinen 67.72; 5 Joni Syrjälä 62.88


Hammer- 1 Krista Tervo 72.12; 2 Silja Kosonen (2002) 71.34; 3 Aada Koppeli (2002) 64.12; 4 Kiira Väänänen 63.93; 5 Tiina Rinnekari 59.90; 6 Heli Rinnekari 59.78

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