World Indoor Medalist And European Champion German Max Hess Leaped Into World Lead In Chemnitz

The world indoor triple jump silver medalist and European Champion, German Max Hess gradually hitting form as he jumped into world lead on Friday 24, at Cheminitz Meet, in Germany.

The Germany triple jump indoor record holder heaped 17.01 with virtually no serious challenge to win.

Full Results:


Long Jump- 1 Vincent Vogel 7.70 (1.8); 2 Gianni Seeger 7.69 (1.0); 3 Marcel Lienstädt 7.38 (-0,4)

Long Jump-u20 Kevin Brucha 7.34 (-0,4)

Long Jump- u18 Oliver Koletzko 7.67 (1.2)

Triple Jump-1 Max Hess 17.01 (0.2); 2 Felix Wenzel 15.91 (-0,1)


High Jump- 1 Helena Börner (2003) 1.79; 2 Annabell Recke (2003) 1.76

Long Jump-Lea-Jasmin Riecke 6.44 (-1,0)

Long Jump- u20 Malin Stavenow 6.07 (1.2)

Long Jump-u18 Josephine Otto 6.14 (1.3)

Triple Jump-Maria Purtsa 13.32 (-1,6)

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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