Reigning World Champion Cheptegei Smashed World Record

The Ugandan reigning 10000 World Champion, Joshua Cheptegei broke the men’s 5000m with a stunning 12:35.36 at the Herculis Monaco Diamond Leagu on Friday (14).

Cheptegi, who was following right behind the pacers Roy Hoorwe (NED) and Matthew Ramsden (AUS), split 2:31.87 for the first kilometer. The following kilometer they covered almost identically 2:31.90. After the 2500m, Cheptegei took the lead and again clocked 2.31 (7:35.14 for 3000m). He maintained the pace exactly the same posting 2:31 at 4000m. Finally, Cheptegei sealed the race with 2:30.32 final kilometer and to break the legendary record which has stood since 2004.

“I think Monaco is a special place and it’s one of these places where I could break the world record.” said Cheptegei. “It took a lot of mind setting to keep being motivated this year because so many people are staying at home but you have to stay motivated.” “I pushed myself, I had the right staff with me, the right coach. I’m also usually based in Europe, but being based in Uganda with my family was actually great. I will for sure celebrate the world record when I get home.”

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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