Shaunae Miller And Spearmon Injured But Crouser Leads In Record Breaking In Drake Relay

The World lead in 200m and Olympics Champion, Bahamas Shaunae Miller-Uibo has injured her self at the Drakes relay on Saturday 29, after pulling up after 70m in her 200m. The race was won by Lynna Irby in 22.52s.

In a similar version, the world silver medalist, 35 year old American, Wallance Spearmon also pulled up in 200m. The race was won by reigning World champion Noah Lyles’ brother, Josephus Lyles in 20.32s.

Olympics shot put Champion, Ryan Crouser leads in a series of stadium record witnessed on Saturday. First, Ryan shattered his own stadium record by throwing 22.72m. His performance was more remarkable as he threw over 22m in all his six throw.

“I was really, really happy with it,” Crouser said. “I wanted that big one, 23 meters, it felt like it was there, but all I can really do is set myself up as best I can and just try to let it happen the day of. I felt like I did that really well. The consistency I had out there showed that. So I was really, really happy with the consistency and the execution. It just didn’t quite connect on that big throw. But any time you’re consistent like that you kind of know it’s there.”

Emily Lipari recorded a stadium record and world lead in women’s road mile in 4:29.3 and was followed by Marisa Howard 4:31.1.

Another stadium record in male road mile by Sam Prakel as he was chased to the finish line by Colby Alexander. Sam got the record in 3:58.3 to Colby 3:58.8.

Kristina Knott shattered Philippine 100m national record by coming second in 11.27s. Kayla White won in 11.18s.

Michael Dickson won 110h duel with American Champion Devon Allen. Both returned 13.54s.

In 100m male, Jeff Demps notched the win 10.09s. Tiffany Porter 12.90s win in 100h while Sandi Morris won pole vault in 4.65m.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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