Odei Breaks Spanish Record Again In National Championship

The Spanish Javelin record holder, Odei Janaiga who just set Spanish Javelin new record in Leon on August 22, has smatched the record again at the Spanish National Championship today.

Odei showed his improved technique to win the championship in 83.51m. Nicolas Quijera was second in 79.80m while Pabio Bugallowas third in 69.56m.

In discus, Lois Maikel Martinez was impressive in 60.02m win.

Part of the Result;Madrid (Spain), 12-13.9.2020 -National Championships- (Stadium Moratalaz)


DT (12) 1 Lois Maikel Martínez 60.02; 2 José Lorenzo Hernández 54.79; 3 Yasiel Sotero (2001) 54.35

JT (12) 1 Odei Jainaga 83.51; 2 Nicolás Quijera 79.80; 2 Pablo Bugallo 69.56


SP (12) 1 María Belén Toimil 16.20; 2 Ursula Ruiz 16.11

HT (12) 1 Laura Redondo 68.12; 2 Berta Castells 64.75; 3 Osarumen Odeh 63.54; 4 Natalia Sánchez 60.95

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