Simbine Hit Form In A Day Van Niekerk Finished Well As Hynne Hedda Breaks Dutch Record To Beats Reekie In Swiss

The Gala dei Castelli Meet was brought to light on Tuesday when Hynne Hedda breaks a ten year old Dutch 800m record with ease in 1:58.10s, in thr process beating British sensational, Reekie Jemma to third place in 1:58.87. Swiss Buchel Selina was second in 1:58.37s.

The world 400m record holder, Wayde Van Niekerk finished well in his first competitive 400m since his misfortune injury in 2017. Van did enough to shake off challenge of a Dutch Dobber Jochem to win in 45.58s to Dobber 45.78s at Gala de Catelli, in Swiszerland on Tuesday (15).

Thr African champion, Akani Simbine was hot to recorded his fastest time since lockdown. He won in 10.02s as Italian Tortu Filippo was also impressive in 10.07s; but American Kemp Demek was last in 10.84s.

In long jump, South African champion, Samaai Ruswahl maintain his form in long jump to win in 8.04m jump, Jamaica Gayle Tajay was second with 7.99m jump.

In 100m female, Del Ponte Ajla won in 11.18s as World Champion, Schippers Dafne came fourth in 11.42s.

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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