Kenya Born US Soldier Breaks American Record

The shinning light of record breaking of World record breaker, Joshua Cheptegei appeared to have imparted on the cryptic rising star of American long distance runner, Shadrack Kipchirchir.

Shadrack, an Eldoret Kenya born, U.S soldier; whose previous best internationally was 2016 Olympics finalist, shattered American 10km in Valencia yesterday after coming third in 27:28.87s. Erasing Mark Nenow (1985) and Bernard Legat (2015) American joint record of 27:48

València (Spain), 7.10.2020 -NN Valencia WR Day-


10.000m 1 Joshua Cheptegei (uga) 26:11.00 WR; 2 Nicholas Kipkorir Kemelo (ken) 27:12.98; 3 Shadrack Kipchirchir (usa) 27:28.97; 4 Stephen Kissa (uga) 27:34.48; 5 Victor Kiplangat (uga) 28:16.40; 6 Luuk Maas (ned) 29:17.74; 7 Björn Koreman (ned) 29:38.44


5.000m 1 Letensebet Giday Tadesse (eth) 14:06.62 WR; 2 Winnie Nanyondo (uga) 15:57.16

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