Finally Athletics South Africa Returns But With Tight Condition

The Athletics South Africa set for resumption on November 1st but with tight stringent conditions.

Entries will be capped at 500 when athletics returns to action next month‚ with a slew of road races and track meetings scheduled for around the country in November and December.

Athletics SA has released a tentative schedule saying a maximum of 500 would be permitted for road races‚ cross-country and trail-running‚ with the limit being reviewed at the end of December.

Staggered starts will be employed to spread big groups‚ the federation said in a circular.

For track and field competitions‚ the 500 limit will include officials‚ medical officers‚ media and others. No spectators will be allowed.

A maximum of 100 will be permitted in the warm-up area‚ and the call room will be in the open. Coaches will not be allowed on the track or field.

Stadiums must be cleaned 72 hours before a meet‚ and no training will be permitted between then and the competition.

In road races only one water point will be allowed. All timing will be electronic and runners must leave the finish area immediately after the race to avoid bunching.

No prizegivings will be staged and all money won will be paid electronically.

The first scheduled event is a track and field meet in Potchefstroom on November 3‚ with the first road race being the Kimberley Harriers’ Wetlands night race on November 6.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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