Namibia Christine Mboma Smashed National U-20 Record

Christine Mboma, the 17 year old Namibia young international has smashed the Namibia U-20 national 400m record with a quick 51.81s win in Pretoria in Thursday (10).

Pretoria (South Africa), 9.12.2020


100m (0.4) Ntando Motsepe 10.49

400m Ivan Geldenhuys 46.97

800m Theuns Ehlers 1:50.24

1.500m Luan Munnik 3:48.41

Shot Put- 1 Kyle Blignaut 20.75; 2 Jason Van Rooyen 20.50

Discus- Werner Visser 60.97

Men u20

100m (0.0) Eckhart Potgieter 10.63

200m (0.9) Eckhart Potgieter 20.86


Shot Put-(5 Kg) Cian De Villers 20.02

Men u16

Shot Put- (4 kg) Tian Stoltz 18.42

Discus-(1 kg) 1 Tian Stoltz 68.01; 2 Michael Badenhorst 61.44


200m (1.8) Beatrice Masilingi (nam) 22.94

400m Christine Mboma (nam) 51.81 NR u20

1.500m Carmie Prinsloo 4:27.31


800m u18 Christine Mboma (nam) 2:08.78

Box Hill -Melbourne- (Australia), 10.12.2020


100m A (0.9) 1 Jake Penny 10.40; 2 Lawson Power 10.64

400m A 1 Ross Hyne 46.99; 2 Will Johns 47.38; 3 Lawson Power 47.54


100m A (1.4) Hana Basic 11.71

400m A Ilana Grandine 55.97

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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