Sweet Win For Swedish Salming In Norrkoping

Swedish former junior champion Bianca Salming was in a good form on Wednesday (6) in Norrkoping local meet to notch a good performance in her first competition of the year.

She won her favorite Pentathlon event in good 4.118p. In 60h, she ran 9.06s and leaped 1.75 on the high jump. In the shot put, she threw 13.83m, and 5.37m in the long jump. Completed 1000m in 2:17.42s.

Full Results:

Nörrkoping (Sweden), 6-7.1.2021


Pentathlon (6) 1 Bianca Salming 4.118p (9.06; 1.75; 13.83; 5.37; 2:17.42); 2 Tuvalisa Rosenquist (2002) 3.925p (9.27; 1.72; 11.21; 5.80; 2:22.20); 3 Ebba Ahman (2002) 3.651p (8.96; 1.60; 11.33; 5.21; 2:24.50

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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