Young Agate Sousa Breaks Sao Tome Record In Lisbon

The twenty years old Santomean long jumber, Agate Sousa was in a different class performance at Lisbon Indoor Meet on Sunday (10).

Despite all the Portuguese stars on parade, it was All Games 2019 7th place long jumper that provided the attractive performance of the day.

Sousa was terrific on the board as she smashed Sao Tome 20 years 6.36m Naide Gomes record by jumping an impressive 6.68m.

Portuguese Tsanko Arnaudov was also terrific on Shot Put as he won in 20.01m.

Full Results-Lisbon (Portugal), 10.1.2021 -Meeting Moniz Pereira



60m 1 Carlos Nascimento 6.76; 2 Frederico Curvelo 6.79

800m 1 Isaac Nader 1:48.95; 2 José Pinto 1:49.32

60mh Joao Oliveira (bra) 7.94 (7.89 in heats)

High Jump-Gerson Baldé 2.15

Pole Vault-Diogo Ferreira 5.30

Triple Jump-Tiago Pereira 16.65

Shot Put-1 Tsanko Arnaudov 20.01; 2 Francisco Belo 19.29; 3 Roman Kokoshko (ukr) 17.49

Discus- Edujose Lima 53.82


60m 1 Rosalina Santos 7.30; 2 Tamiris de Liz (bra) 7.34 (7.33 in heats)

200m Leonor Ferreira 24.37

Pole Vault- Chloe Henry (bel) 4.05

Long Jump- 1 Agate Sousa 6.68; 2 Evelise Veiga 6.41; 3 Patricia Mamona 6.20; 4 Lucinda Gomes 6.12

Triple Jump- Ana Oliveira 12.97

Shot Put-1 Jessica Inchude 16.97; 2 Eliana Bandeira 16.94

Discus-Liliana Ca 57.69

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