A New South Africa 400m Dazzling Teenager

A dazzling 17 years old South Africa 400m runner has emerged. African Junior Champion, Lythe Pillay showed he’s ready to step into the shoes of Van Niekerk.

On Saturday (20) when he clocked an amazing personal best time in the 400m of 45.74 seconds at a track meet in Gold city , Boksburg; shaving almost a second from his previous personal best time.

Full Results:


100m (-1,4) Abdelaziz Mohamed (qat) 10.53

400m Lythe Pillay (25Feb2003) 45.74 1h4; Ammar Isamil Ibrahim (qat) 47.17 2h4; Ashraf Hussein Osman (qat) 47.60 1h2

5.000m Precious Mashele 14.11.40

Long Jump- Cheswell Johnson 8.18 (3.3)

Shot Put-1 Kyle Blignaut 20.67; 2 Jason Van Rooyen 20.19; 3 Zane Weir (ita) 19.92

Shot Put-u18 (5 kg) Aiden Smith 17.32

Discus-Werner Visser 57.47


400m Taylon Bieldt 53.64

High Jump- Yvonne Robson 1.75

Shot Put-Meike Strydom 15.85

Shot Put- u20 Miné de Klerk 16.88

Shot Put-u18 (3 kg) Zonica Lindeque 16.37

Shot Put-u16 (3 kg) Savannah Visser 15.76

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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