South African Shaun Maswanganyi Impressive In Town Speed City

The 21 year old South Africa international, Shaun Maswanganyi equalled personal best of 6.58s to win the 60m dash at Town Speed City Series in Houston on Sunday (28). It was a close win, beaten Cameron Burrell by the torso as Burrell was also given the same time.

American Dayo Akindele won 60h in 7.77s while Elijah Hall was a winner in 200m with 20.80s finish.

Full Results:


60m 1 Shaun Maswanganyi (rsa) 6.58; 2 Cameron Burrell 6.58; 3 Travis Collins 6.61; 4 Terrance Ware 6.62; 5 Nicholas Alexander (jam) 6.76

200m Elijah Hall 20.80 1h4; Christian Hamberlin 20.93 1h3; Edwrad Sumler 21.22 2h4; Elijah Morrow 21.30 1h2; Danny Talbot 21.32 2h2

60mh 1 Dayo Akindele 7.77; 2 Amere Lattin 7.78; 3 D J Akindele 7.86

HJ Grant Szalek (aus) 2.05

PV Alexander Slinkman 5.33

SP Triston Gibbons (bar) 18.58

WT Nick Hicks 22.21


60m 1 Camille Rutherford 7.35; 2 Brianne Bethel (bah) 7.46; 3 Justice Henderson 7.48

3.000m Grace Forbes 9:04.82

60mh Naomi Taylor 8.18

LJ 1 Samiyah Samuels 6.10; 2 Ingeborg Grünwald (aut) 5.90

SP Erna Gunnarsdottir (isl) 16.67

WT 1 Taylor Scaife 20.77; 2 Priscilla Adejokun 20.50

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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