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Weightlifting Olympics Status Under Threat – Stakeholders Warned

A lot of Weightlifting Stakeholders have warned that if delayed election is not hold on time before Olympics; the Weightlifting will lose her Olympics status.

They argued that if Weightlifting Federation (IWF) should not hold its delayed elections before the rearranged Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games then the sport’s chances of retaining its place on the Olympic programme will significantly suffer.

That is the clear message sent to the IWF leaders by its former director general Attila Adamfi, whose view is backed by other candidates and member federations.

Adamfi, who is standing for the role of general secretary, has written to ask why the Constitutional Congress has been postponed indefinitely when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) did not request a postponement.

Any unnecessary delay in holding the Constitutional Congress will have a knock-on effect on the date of the elections.

“Once again it looks like the self-interest of a few to ensure they remain in power for several more months, rather than what is best for the future of the sport, has driven a decision that is far from satisfactory,” said Ashley Metcalfe, chief executive of British Weight Lifting.

Craig Walker, President of the Canadian Weightlifting Federation, said, “The more we wait, the less trust we’ll have, whether from the IOC, our weightlifting community, or the public at large.

“And trust is already in short supply.”

The IOC has warned the IWF that it is in danger of losing its place on the Olympic Games programme because of repeated failures in governance.

It publicly castigated the IWF last week when Thomas Bach, the IOC President, said weightlifting’s place would be put under review if it did not reform its leadership, culture and governance “in a timely way”.

In a letter sent by its director general Christophe de Kepper to all member federations, the IOC said the IWF should not hold its elections until it had adopted a new Constitution.

Kepper also demanded reform “in a timely way”.

Asked if it could give any further details about timescales, the IOC said, “The IOC will continue communicating with the IWF to clarify the necessary steps to protect clean athletes and advance meaningful governance change.

“We will also update on any decisions or statements of the IOC Executive Board.

“We have no further details to share at this moment.”

The IWF has responded to IOC criticism by reversing a change to anti-doping rules, vowing to give athletes two votes on the board, and agreeing to put the Constitution before the elections.

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