Swiss Del Ponte Busted To 60m WL, Ingebrigtset Struck Double As Duplantis’ Championship Record End European Championship In Torun

The 24 years old Swiss Champion, Del Ponte showed a lot of promises as she dazed all and sundry to laid claim to 60m European crown with scintillating 7.03s world leading time, in the process breaking Switzerland national record on the last day of the European Championship in Torun. Finnish Kemppinen Lotta and Dutch Samuel Jamile finished 7.22s and place second and third respectfully.

Norwegian Jacob Ingebrigtset made it double gold medal, by added 3000m crown to 1500m he earlier won on the first day. He won in 7:48.20s a new personal best.

In the pole vault, Duplantis Armand beat Lavillennie Renaud to break Championship record, soared 6.05 and Lavillennie 5.80 to place second in a new personal best.

Another athletics prowess was also on display in 60m hurdle as Dutch Visser Nadine shattered the national record with 7.77s world lead to win.

Talented young British, Keely Hodgkinson won the 800m as expected in 2:08:88.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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