150m Scotching Run From South Africa Record Holder Clarence Munyai

The question on everybody’s lip at the Newton Classic Shoot Out Meet on Friday (5) is whether the 200m South Africa Record Holder, Clarence Munyai is back to form?

The Boksburg ( South Africa) Shoot Out Meet was brought to life when Clarence almost break another national record in 150m. He returned 15.13s with strong headwind of -1.4m/s; just 0.05s shy away from the national record. Zimbabwean Record Holder and double NCAA Champion, Ngoni Makusha returned 15.37s to place second.

Full Results:


150m (-1,4) 1 Clarence Munyai 15.13; 2 Ngoni Makusha (zim) 15.37; 3 Duke Kuali 15.40; 4 Ethan Noble 15.77

600m 1 Joel Semenya 1:16.33; 2 Lindukuhle Gora 1:16.74; 3 Zakithi Nene 1:16.58; 4 Themba Madima 1:16.94; 5 Tshegofatso Nwagu 1:17.21; 6 Jabolane Ncamane 1:17.52; 7 Theuns Ehlers 1:17.59

600m u20 Abednico Choba 1:18.91


150m A (-2,6) 1 Rose Xeyi 17.64; 2 Boipelo Tshemese 17.75; 3 Kubheka Pindile 17.75; 4 Kayla La Grange 18.04

150m B (-1,1) Sherley Nekhubvi 18.22

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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