Nigeria Akure All Comers Meet(Day 1- Full Results)-12/3/2021


100m prelims h1 (nwi) Emmanuel Oche 10.56; h2 (nwi) Godson Brume 10.46; h3 (nwi) Usheoritse Itsekiri 10.52; h5 (nwi) Fakorede Adekalu 10.48; h6 (nwi) Jerry Jakpa 10.57; h7 (nwi) 1 Oyetunji Abdulazeez 10.48; 2 Favour Ashe 10.49; h9 (nwi) Enoch Adegoke 10.46

400m prelims h3 Chidera Nnamani 47.93; h4 John Clifford 47.44; h5 Ayo Adeola 47.49; h6 Adewale Adeyemi Sikiru 45.96; h7 Emmanuel Ojeli 47.59; h8 Abdulramon Hafeez 47.60; h9 Samson Nathaniel 46.49

110mh (nwi) Wisdom Musa 14.11

400mh prelims h2 Timothy Emeoghene 50.91


100m prelims h1 (0.0) Praise Ofoku 11.79; h2 (nwi) 1 Grace Nwochoka 11.31; 2 Joy-Udo Gabriel 11.33; h3 (nwi) Balikis Yakubu 11.83; h6 (nwi) Praise Idamadudu 11.54

400m prelims h4 Blessing Ovwighoadjebre 54.88

400mh prelims h1 Abasiono Akpan 59.44; h2 Adaeze Nwokike 59.77 1h2

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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