Reigning World Champion Steven Gardiner Sublime Run In Puerto Rico As American Teenager Tamari Davis Continue Her Impressive Run

The reigning World 400 metre Champion, Bahamas Steven Gardiner started his outdoor on a sublime note yesterday at 15th Puerto Rico Annual Spring Break Classic. In the 200 metre Gardiner made it home in 20.24 second to win.

An eighteen-year-old high school senior who turned professional with Adidas last year, American Tamari Davis was also impressive in her first outdoor race. After dusted Marion Jones’ high school record and entered professional ranks as a high school junior; she has not put her foot off the pedal. The same on Friday (19), she shone like a diamond star as she demolished 200 metre strong field to finish in 22.64 second.


200m (19) h1 (1.2) 1 Steven Gardiner (bah) 20.24; 2 Asa Guevara (tto) 20.98; h1 (2.4) 1 Rubén González 21.26; 2 Ezequiel Suárez 21.33

1.500m (19) 1 Héctor Pagán 3:49.02; 2 Lucirio Garrido (ven) 3:49.02

Hammer-1 Jerome Vega 70.80; 2 Roberto Sawyers (crc) 65.75

Javelin-Félix Torres 70.16


200m h1 (1.0) 1 Tamari Davis (usa) 22.64; 2 Jessica Beard (usa) 23.18; 3 Shannon Ray (usa) 23.66; 4 Samantha Dirks (biz) 23.77; h2 (1.2) Gabby Scott 23.58; 2 Pariis García 24.26

1.500m (19) Carolina Lozano (arg) 4:15.93

400mh (19) 1 Grace Claxton 56.91; 2 Aminat Yusuf Yamal (brn) 57.00

4x100m (19) Empire Athletics (Ray, camacho-Quinn; Farquharson; Davis) 43.74

Long Jump-1 Aris Sánchez (ven) 6.12 (-0,8); 2 Gabby Farquharson (usa) 6.10 (1.6)

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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