Zambia New Sprint Sensation Rhoda Njovu Again Break National Record

Just after setting double Zambia national record two months ago, Zambia new sensation, Rhoda Njovu has fulfilled the promise made by national team coach Douglas Kalembo to make sure she qualify for Olympics. At the All comers today, Njovu went further to break 100m national record and also qualified for Olympics with her sensation 11.12s (-0.5 m/s) run.

In December, Njovu broke national record in 100m and 200m in 11.21s and 23.07s respectively.

This is what Njovu said in December-“I have been working extra hard, a lot of work has been done. I am only remaining with few touches where I should work on, my start. And when I work on that I will definitely qualify for both events,” she said in an interview. “My expectations in the next event is to qualify for the Olympics in both events (100m and 200m). I am happy with today’s (Sunday’s) performance because there is huge improvement in both events as I have hit all the national records.”

By discernsportblog

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