Republica Dominicana Christopher Valdez Missed National Record By 0.05s As Alex Ogando And Lidoa Felix Impressed In Santo Domingo

Member of Republica Dominicana Sprint Medley Relay National Record Holder, Christopher Valdez hit a new personal best at Santo Domingo Meet on Saturday (27) and almost break the national record 10.14s of Yancarlos Martinez. He won the 100m in 10.19s.

There was excitement in 200 metre as Lidoa Felix blew the field to finish in 20.33 second while Alexander Ogando was also more than impress with 45.09 second.



100m (1.8) 1 Christopher Valdez 10.19; 2 Mayovanex De Oleo 10.42; 3 José González 10.46; 4 Melbin Marcelino 10.51

200m (0.8) 1 Lidoa Félix 20.33; 2 Alexander Ogando 20.54; 3 Yohandry Andújar 21.27

400m 1 Alexander Ogando 45.09; 2 Lidio Félix 45.28; 3 Yancarlos Martínez 47.14; 4 Andito Charles 47.40; 5 Wander Santana 47.99

800m 1 Ferdy Agramonte 1:50.61; 2 Tayron Reyes 1:51.11


100m (2.4) 1 Lirangi Alonzo 11.58; 2 Martha Mendez 11.88

400m 1 Marileidy Paulino 50.31; 2 Anabel Medina 52.72; 3 Fiordaliza Cofil 52.72

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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