Akani Simbine Explained Why He Lost To Van Niekerk

Commonwealth Champion and South Africa 100m record holder, Akani Simbine opened up on his 200m lost to World 400m record holder, Wayde Van Niekerk on Tuesday inside the Ruimsig Athletics stadium. He blamed terrible curve and fatigue for his lost.

“Coming into the bend, that was terrible but am happy with the load that my body is taking and I was happy with the race.

I raced last week, this past weekend and just now, so I’m happy to keep it going and looking forward to the rest of the season”, Simbine said.

Simbine further salute his other stars he raced against.

“It’s always great running against the likes of Wayde, Anaso and Isaac. They are great athletes and they bring out the best in me. It was great that we could all come out to race and face each other.

I was happy that I ran and we put together a good race. We hyped this race up and we were happy that we brought some excitement to the South Africa athletics community”, he said.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

2 replies on “Akani Simbine Explained Why He Lost To Van Niekerk”

Truelly speaking Wayde van Neikerk is the best athlete and I don’t see Akani Simbine continuing dominating sprints if he races against him. Actually his is posting threat to all male sprinters Ask 200m world record holder hahahahahahahahahaha


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