Difficult Opener Win For Triple Olympics Gold Medalists, Jamaica Veronica Campbell In Colonial Relays

Williamsburg city of Virginia play host to Colonial Relays which started on Friday and ended yesterday. But in a very harshy weather, the triple Olympics gold medalists Veronical Compbell-Brown had her sprint cut out as she struggles throughout the 200m with tail wind of -1.1m/s. She effectually won in 23.73s.

Results (2-3/4/2021)


5.000m (2) 1 Kyle Cloutier 14:14.70; 2 Evan Brennan 14.14.82

High Jump-Brandon Burke 2.16

Long Jump-Xavier Shirley 7.48 (1.7)

Hammer- Tom Parker 64.67


200m (3) (-1,1) Veronica Campbell-Brown (jam) 23.73

400m (2) Rachel Helbling 54.02 1h1; Amanda Stead 54.65 2h1

800m (3) 1 Isabella Giesing 2:05.07; 2 Maria Acosta (pur) 2:06.35; 3 Kayla O’Connell 2:08.38

1.500m h1 1 Emily Sessa 4:32.21; 2 Elizabeth Stockman 4:33.17; 3 Kayla O’Connell 4:33.27

3.000m Steeples (2) Vilde Vage Henriksen (nor) 10:41.61

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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