Cuban Echeveria, Jordan Diaz And Liadagmis Povea In Monstrous Jump At Havana Meet

The world indoor 2018 long champion, Cuban Juan Echeveria was at his best at La Havana meet on Saturday (22). Echeveria won the long jump in a massive 8.55m (3.1) jump. He was followed by Lester Lescay 8.08m (3.8) and Maykel Marso (1.8).

In the triple jump , top class jump were on display as 2018 Youth Olympics triple jump Champion, Jordan Diaz recorded a massive jump of 17.46m (-3.5) to beat Andy Diaz 17.37m (3.3) and 17.13m (0.2).

In the female triple jump, it was another massive jump by Pan American Games bronze medalist, Liadagmis Povea who hit a new personal jump of 14.93m (0.8) followed by Leyanis Perez 14.46m (2.6) and 14.32m (0.1), Davisleydi Velazco 14.21m (0.8).

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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