The Guy Who Dropped 43.45s In A Crazy NCAA 4×400m Relay Final

Although crazy stuff happens in 4×400m relay when athletes are well puffed up. But what happened yesterday in men 4×400m relay was astonishing; something from another planet.

The name Auhmad Robinson does not ring any bell, but yesterday the name rang more bells.

This is a man who was a 47s runner last year in 400m. Then this season he improved to 21.03s over 200m. Then in May during NCAA 1 West preliminary, he recorded a personal best of 45.61s to qualify for NCAA final.

On Wednesday (6), he came last in his semifinal to place 23rd overall with 47.98s.

Then on Friday (8) in the 4×400m relay final, his other team mates from Stephen F Austin University did their best. First leg by Muz Mattar and second leg by Pau Martin. Then their team was fading away, the third leg Jer Curry tried to no avail despite his 45.89s split. Then Auhmad collected the baton to run the race of his life and got his team a second place in 3:01.52 after running an incredible split of 43.45s.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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