Striking Similarity Between Gabrielle Thomas And Salwa Naser’s Case But Naser Got The Stick

It’s no longer new that American 200m champion, Gabrielle Thomas is the second fastest woman ever over the 200m.

But most people forgot the same Gabby was provisional suspended for alleged whereabouts failure but later cleared by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU).

She was actually banned in May by the AIU for allegedly missing three tests in a 12-month period, a violation of anti-doping rules.

But according to the AIU’s Twitter account, Thomas provided new evidence in June and as a result one of the missed tests cannot be established and so no anti-doping rule violation has been committed.

Then after this clearance, Thomas ran 21.61s, the second fastest time ever run by a woman living or dead.

In a similar reverse order, Salwa Naser ran 48.14s on her to win 400m world championship 2019; which was the second fastest time ever by a woman over 400m.

What followed was her suspension over whereabouts failure. But like Thomas, she was cleared by World Athletics Disciplinary Tribunal after ruling that one of the missed test cannot be confirmed.

But in what looked like a sole goal to nail Naser by all means, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) pursued with all seriousness to get her suspended by appealing to Court Of Arbitration (CAS) to overturn that. But yesterday they got their wish by banning Salwa Naser for two years.

The big question is: if Naser is from US can that happens to her?

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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