Kuwaiti National Record Holder Yousef Karam Banned Three Years For Doping

The Kuwaiti 400m national record holder Yousef Karam has been banned for three years after tested positive to prohibited substance called Ibutamoren.

However, the ban is appealable. The 28-year-old sprinter’s ineligibility starts from March 30, 2020, all results are disqualified from January 28 2021, according to the AIU.

The Kuwaiti owns personal bests of 10.56 in the 100m, 21.67 in the 200m, and 44.84 in the 400m, which is the national record. He is the 400m Asian champion from Doha 2019. He is also a two-time national champion. The positive test puts a pall over his career.

Ibutamoren has been shown to sustain activation and increase lean body mass with no change in total fat mass or visceral fat. It is under investigation as a potential treatment for reduced levels of some hormones, for people with growth hormone deficiency.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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