British Virgin Islands Rikkoi On A Life Time Best As He Breaks National Record

Bloomington city of Indiana witnessed a sublimed sprint yesterday by in-form Rikkoi Brathwaite as he dashes to a win in 60m with new British Virgin Islands new national record.

Rikkoi made the Hoosier open a memorable by breaking his own national record in 6.54s leaving Chris Borzor in second place in 6.74s.

Other results:

300m h1 Chris Borzor 33.73

3,000m … 5 Harrison Martinenko (aus) 8: 36.39

5,000m Arjun Jha 14: 03.79

Pole vault- Ryan Lipe 5.30


60m Caisja Chandler 7.48

300mh h1 Caisja Chandler 37.70; 2 Alyssa Robinson 38.23

500m h1 Maria Anderson 1: 13.20

1,000m 1 Kelly Mindak 2.47.02; 2 Hannah Stoffel 2: 47.43

Mile Berenice Cleyet-Merle (fra) 4: 40.84

3,000m Sarah Schmitt 9: 32.97

High jump- Mahogany Jenkins 1.81

Long jump … 2 Paola Fernández (pure) 5.83

Shot put- Jayden Ulrich 16.68m

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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