Isreali Derba Ayale Breaks Record As Impressive Blessing Afrifa Follow Suit

The Isreali great investment in youth sports is beginning to blossom as its young athletes are now flying.

Just less than ten days when Derba Ayale broke Israel national U-20 3000m record, Derba again moved to do the same in 5000m in 14:03.49.

But the day seems to belong to Isreali new sprint sensation, Blessing Afrifa when he dazzled in 300m to break Isreali national U-20 record by finishing in impressive 33.36s.

Afrifa was born in Israel to a West Africa parent eighteen years ago.

Full Results

Tel Aviv (Israel), 29.12.2021

300m Blessing Afrifa 33.36 NRu20

5,000m 1 Jonathan Carmin 14: 01.07; 2 Jamal Abdelmaji Eisa Mohammed (ssd) 14: 02.56; 3 Omer Ramon 14: 02.72; 4 Derba Ayale 14: 03.29 NR u20; 5 Gashau Ayale 14: 04.09; 6 Addition Guadia 14: 04.34; 7 Asaph Harari 14: 07.76; 8 Matan Ivri 14: 08.53

Discus Dennis Valliulin 53.54


5,000m Selamawit Teferi 15: 28.82

60mh (-0.2) Aleksandra Lokshin 8.51

Discus Estelle Valeanu 52.43

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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