Unusual Double Win For Bassant At Egyptian National Championship

Egyptian sprint record holder, Bassant Hemida confirmed she is the Egyptian sprint star of the moment. At the national championship which ended on Sunday (26), Bassant won her customary 200m in 23.01s and went on to dazzled all and sundry with national record in 400m win with impressive 52.84s.

Bassant now holds all the Egyptian sprint record, from 100m, 200m and 400m.

Full Results:

100m (1.3) 1 Abdulrahman Karam Mohamed 10.48; 2 Ayman Mohammed Ahmed Said 10.49

200m (2.4) Abdulrahman Karam Mohamed 21.28

400m Shehab Eldintarek Ahmed Ali 48.09

110mh (1.7) Yousuf Badawy Sayed 13.89

Long jump 1 Omar Osama Mohamed Basiony 7.61 (0.5); 2 Basem Mohamed Yehia Mohamed 7.60 (1.0)

Shot put Mohammed Megdi Hamza 20.89

Discus- Shehab Mohamed Abdalaziz 55.35

Hammer- Mostafa El Gamel 72.76

Javelin-Maged Mohser El Badry 77.83


200m (0.4) Bassant Hemida 23.10

400m 1 Bassant Hemida 52.84; 2 Iman Mansour Abdul Muttalib 53.47

Long jump- Esraa Owis 6.25 (1.3)

Triple jump- Esraa Owis 13.08 (0.9)

Hammer-Rawan Ayman Ibrahim Barakat 66.00

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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