Slow Start For Nigeria Champion Adegoke

Nigeria Olympics 100m finalist, Enoch Adegoke gradually sharpen his skill just as he had a slow start on Saturday (29) meet in Germany.

The Nigeria Champion was beaten by South Korean man, Kuk-young Kim in the 60m. Adegoke returned 6.74s against Kim 6.71s.

Full Results: Sindelfingen (Germany), 29.1.2022


60m 1 Kuk-young Kim (kor) 6.71; 2 Enoch Adegoke (ngr) 6.74

Men u20

SP (6 kg) Tizian Lauria 19.94


60m Sophia Junk 7.38

200m Sophia Junk 23.78

400m 1 Elisa Lechleitner 54.32; 2 Hannah Mergenthaler 54.46

60mh Selina von Jackowski (sui) 8.44

SP 1 Yemisi Ogunleye 17.75; 2 Lea Riedel 16.65

Women u20

HJ Johanna Göring 1.84

SP Nina Ndubuisi 16.12

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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