Quality Jump In Udine, Italy

In a commanding tone of form of millitary officer who he is, Ilya Ivanyuk jump higher than anyone at Wednesday jump indoor show. Iiya has been awesome sort of form of late.

Yesterday at the jumps indoor in Udine, Ilya raised his bar to almost equal his life 2.31m indoor best by clearing 2.29m to win a great high jump on display.

The female also showed some high jump as Mirela Demireva of Bulgaria won in 1.90m.

Udine (Italy), 2.2.2022


HJ 1 Ilya Ivanyuk 2.29; 2 Thomas Carmoy (bel) 2.23; 3 Luis Enrique Zayas (cube) 2.20; 4 Andriy Protsenko (ukr) 2.20; 5 Tihomir Ivanov (bul) 2.20; 6 Erik Portillo (mex) 2.20; 7 Silvano Chesani (eng) 2.16; 8 Christian Falicchi 2.16


HJ 1 Mirela Demireva (bul) 1.90; 2 Ella Junnila (fin) 1.88; 3 Lia Apostolovski (slo) 1.86; 4 Yulie Levchenko (ukr) 1.86; 5 Idea Pieroni 1.81; 6 Jennifer Rodriguez (col) 1.81; 7 Marta Morara 1.78

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