Coleman, Crouser Win US Indoor Championship

The World 60m record holder, Christian Coleman was in mesmerizing form on Sunday (27) as he beat stiff opposition to win 60m US Indoor in world leading time of 6.45s. Marvin Brace was second in a personal best of 6.48s while Demek Kemb was fifth in a season best of 6.62s and Ronnie Baker sixth in 6.63s.

In the shot put, the world record holder, Ryan Crouser was too good for Josh Awotunde as he threw another massive world leading distance of 22.51m to Josh 21.74m (personal best).

In the women triple jump, Kenturah Orji was the winner after jumbing a distance of 14.28m. In long jump men, Jarrion Lawson discovered his form to win in 8.19m jump.

Grant Holloway 7.37s meet record was enough to wade off stiff opposition from Jarret Eaton 7.47s run.

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