Kenya Star Athlete And Indian Record Holder Banned Three Years For Doping

The latest Kenyan athlete to be banned for doping is mountain runner Mark Kangogo; making him the 21 Kenyan athlete to be sanctioned for doping infraction just this year.

The AIU said in a statement on Tuesday that Kangogo had been banned for three years after tests showed the presence of two prohibited substances in his system, Norandrosterone and Triamcinolone acetonide.

On Monday, fellow Kenyan marathon runner Philemon Kacheran was banned for three years by the AIU for testing positive for excessive levels of testosterone.

Kangogo, 33, won the prestigious Sierre-Zinal trail mountain race in Switzerland in August, considered one of the season’s toughest trail events, becoming the first African runner to do so.

It was his first attempt at mountain racing and he finished the 31km climb in a time of 2:27.31.

He achieved a personal best time of 2:12.12 in the Luxembourg Marathon in 2018.

India discus record holder, Kamalpreet Kaur has been also handed three years ban for taking ban substance called Stanozol after Athletics Integrity Unit didn’t accept her argument of blaming contamination of her food supplement.

Kamalpreet initially faced a four-year ban, but as per World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules got a reduced suspension due to her “early admission” and “acceptance of sanction”.

AIU said the ban would commence retrospectively from March 29 2022, the date of her provisional suspension. All her results on and since March 7, including any titles, awards, medals, points, prizes and appearance money would be annulled.

Kamalpreet’s sample was tested with Tokyo Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra as the only two Indians in the Regizstered Testing Pool of World Athletics. Kaur had made headlines with her performance in the lead up to the Olympics and carried her sensational form to Tokyo where she qualified for the final (64m) and finished an impressive sixth (63.70m). She set the national record (66.69m) last year.

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